How to Use A Mask

A lot of white people don’t seem to understand what masks are for and why people wear them. This is a basic 101 tutorial since masks have become a symbol of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here we break down what this exotic cultural artifact is, why people wear it and how to use it properly.

Next time you see East Asians wearing face masks, you will be equipped with all the relevant information to NOT punch us in the face, kick us out of supermarkets, bully Asian hospital workers, or abuse us on the streets or online.

This comic was inspired by the safety instruction cards on flights and the patronising posters in Anglo-colonial university washrooms that tell Chinese students not to stand on the toilet seats. Thanks to Kirsty Fong for the idea and being a reference.

By MZ (FB: Fu Fighter Arts, Insta: @fufighterarts )

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