Anti-Racism Resource for Diasporic Communities in Aotearoa

As an uprising against anti-Blackness and anti-Black police murders is happening in the US, diasporic Asian communities have been mobilised to act in solidarity and take responsibility for the ways that we/they are complicit in anti-Black racism and violence. Resources lists for educating ourselves, our families, friends and communities on anti-Black racism have been shared widely on social media, we have linked some of them below. 

While we look to the United States (US) and Black leadership for how we can act in genuine solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter, as tauiwi (non-Māori) people of colour we also have a responsibility to confront the colonial racism and racial politics that is specific to Aotearoa. This is the beginning of a resource list to share for non-Black and non-Indigenous people of colour with analysis and content on Te Tiriti o Waitangi, decolonisation, systemic racism, abolition and different forms of racism that speaks more to the contexts in Aotearoa and Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa (the Pacific Ocean). Finally, we encourage you to support, join or get involved in organisations working towards long-term change to eliminate racism, colonialism and white supremacy. 

This resource was created by Asian activists from Migrant Zine Collective and Asians Supporting Tino Rangatiratanga and we envision it as a living document. If you have any questions, suggestions or edits, please feel free to reach out to us at This resource list is posted in comment mode, you are welcome to provide any suggestions directly on the document.  

Inspired by the work of queer Asians in the Red Pocket Press, a Narrm (Melbourne) based community aiming to share stories of our queer Asian histories, ancestry and family in the diaspora. Red Pocket Press has recently built a resource list for Asians to support the First Nations people in so-called-Australia.  


Please list the format, followed by the title and author. You can then add the link to the resource via the “Insert link” option on Google Docs.  


Some tiles attached for easy sharing on social media, feel free to download these to post in your networks.


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