To centre constitutional transformation for Asian ‘Tangata Tiriti’

Waitangi Day feels like a timely moment to reflect. In the last decade, we have seen increased interest from tauiwi Asians to understand Te Tiriti and our relationship to it. This is a huge positive change from the previously dominant perspective that Te Tiriti is between Māori and Pākehā, where Asians often saw Te Tiriti…

Iran is not alone: making the connections

What happened in Iran with Jina Emini (aka Mahsa Ahmini) was not an isolated incident nor the first or unique to Iran. It’s a global problem.

In Defence of Mātauranga

Late last year, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins chastised the Royal Society of New Zealand for not doing more to “stand up for science”, in what he described as a “ludicrous move to incorporate Maori ‘ways of knowing’ into science curricula in New Zealand.” Last month, he continued his rebuke, stating “If there is value in…


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